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15 years ago about Tanino Drago and his brothers, opened this prestigious and elegant Italian restaurant in Sherman Oaks. Inserts in natural wood, very cozy paintings, elegantly arranged tables, every detail has its distinguishable Italian taste. The rustle of the fountain water at the entrance is reminiscent of the traditional rivulets of Italian rivers. In the following years the success of Italian cuisine has established itself in the valley with tradition and respect for Mediterranean culinary cultures. A great variety of homemade pasta with original recipes, meats, fish, salads, all genuine and top quality products, and even the real Italian pizza. In the elegant and welcoming interiors, the restaurant offers different rooms for private dining, with a beautiful wine cellar room. A welcoming and well-stocked bar welcomes you at the entrance. Our mission is to feel pampered like a family. Welcome to the Ristorante Panzanella and Buon Appetito.
Tanino Drago

www.taninodrago.com info@taninodrago.com   Born the sixth child into a lively household of six sons and two daughters, the son of a farmer father and a homemaker mother with an appreciation for fine, homemade Italian foods, young Tanino learned early to savor the precious bounty and delicate flavors of his homeland.   Read more

Calogero Drago

www.calogerodrago.com calogerodrago@calogerodrago.com   Celestino fanatics have grown accustomed to the exuberant and warm greeting that welcomes them when they decide to spend a night dining with Calogero and his staff. If you are a new Celestino customer, this phenomenon awaits you.   Read more

Giacomino Drago

www.giacominodrago.com info@giacominodrago.com   Giacomino Drago is the youngest of eight children from the small town of Galati Mamertino in Sicily’s Messina region where the family grew and made almost everything they ate; from pressing olives to make olive oil, to making fresh cheeses, to watching his father make wine from their own vineyards.   Read more